Crypto Jumping into passive income | Become a SMART Staking champion

Published 04 February 2022
Crypto Jumping into passive income | Become a SMART Staking champion

You have probably heard about SMART Staking, a cool instrument for passive income on our exchange. As part of our Cryptolympics, we are holding an activity with the 10 000 USDT prize pool. Read the details and join!

The requirements:

sign up on the exchange if you haven’t yet;

✅ deposit a minimum of 50 USDT to one of the SMART Staking plans with USDT (for a period of 10, 20, or 30 days);

✅ fill in the form.

Please note that you will not be considered a participant in the activity if you close your plan before the end of the staking period.

Duration: from the 4th till the 28th of February.

Prize pool: 10 000 USDT.

Winners: 200.

The rewards will be sent out on the 9th of March.

Keep in mind that participation in the activities of the Cryptolympics can bring not only prizes but also bonus points. A participant with the biggest deposit amount will also receive additional points! They will get you a few steps closer to winning the gold medal and becoming the champion of our Cryptolympics.

Read more about Cryptolympics here.

Take your chance to win!

WhiteBIT Team

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