Listing on WhiteBIT: Get Your Token off to a Great Start

Published 31 January 2024
Listing on WhiteBIT: Get Your Token off to a Great Start


Are you ready to take your crypto token to new heights? WhiteBIT is here to be your reliable listing partner, providing a platform where your token can showcase its true potential and grow in volume and value.

Reasons to List Your Crypto Asset on WhiteBIT

With over 4 million users and a continuous growth rate (+1.5 million users joined only in the last year), WhiteBIT offers unparalleled exposure for your token. With over 300 tokens already listed on our platform, WhiteBIT is a perfect place to introduce your project to our community. Our users come from all over the world, with 60% in the EU, 22% in Asia, 15% in South America, and a growing presence in Africa and other regions.

What sets us apart from other exchanges? Let’s take a deeper dive into this:

  • Marketing Engine

With so many successful projects under our belt, you wouldn’t like to miss out on our marketing expertise and a deep understanding of customer behavior.

  • Boosting Your Token’s awareness 

Benefit from a remarketing banner ads campaign reaching approximately 1.5 million unique users monthly, along with strategic PR in Tier 1–3 media outlets.

  • Community growth

Enhance media visibility with a Q&A session, reward users, and create community excitement with the Listing Confetti feature.

  • Liquidity Boost 

We work with multiple market makers who will ensure that your asset has sufficient liquidity, or you can always bring yours if this is your preference.

  • Top-notch security 

With a top-notch AAA security rating, WhiteBIT prioritizes a secure trading environment and undergoes regular audits to meet international security standards.

  • WhiteBIT Network

In addition, you can explore opportunities to launch and scale your project on our own blockchain, expanding your token’s capabilities.

  • Easy on- and off-ramping

With so many pay-in and pay-out options, you can provide easy access for seamless on- and off-ramping.

Simple Listing Flow: 8 Easy Steps

Embarking on the journey to list your token on WhiteBIT is a strategic move that promises growth, visibility, and community support. The process is designed to be seamless, ensuring your project receives all the attention it deserves in an upcoming bull market. Let’s have a look at a few simple steps to get you started:

  1. Apply: Submit your project’s white paper through our listing page.
  2. Review: Our listing team will carefully review your application and request additional details.
  3. Agreement: Agree on commercial terms with our listing team
  4. Compliance: Complete standard KYC/KYB checks
  5. Contract Signing: Sign the agreement to formalize everything
  6. Integration: Integrate with our platform
  7. Marketing Plan: Design a marketing plan together with our experts
  8. Launch: List your token on WhiteBIT

WhiteBIT Launchpad: Unlocking Opportunities for Founders and Investors

WhiteBIT Launchpad offers numerous benefits for both founders and investors, creating a unique opportunity to raise funds for your project. Founders can showcase their projects to potential investors, fostering significant value creation. On the other hand, investors can confidently invest in verified projects listed on a secure exchange, anticipating potential increase in price and higher returns.

How Does WhiteBIT Launchpad Work?

Joining WhiteBIT is easy and straightforward:

  • Submit your project details: Provide project white paper and tokenomics so we can review your project in detail;
  • Agreement: Agree on commercial terms to kick-start your fundraising journey;
  • Fundraising: Engage with early access investors who will vote for your project;
  • Listing: After a successful Launchpad, we’ll add your token to the exchange, adding additional value.

WhiteBIT Ecosystem Elements

The WhiteBIT ecosystem comprises various products, each playing a distinct role in enhancing the platform’s functionality and user experience. Let’s consider two of them.

WhiteBIT Coin (WBT)

The WhiteBIT Coin, ticker WBT, is the utility asset of the WhiteBIT exchange. Holders of 200 WBT or more enjoy a 0% Maker fee, offering a cost-effective trading experience. Long-term WBT holders can benefit from an annual reward of up to 22%, providing an incentive for long-term relationships. Additionally, WBT holders can participate in the Launchpad, accessing exclusive projects first. Free withdrawals of ERC-20 tokens and increased rewards through the referral program are the additional benefits brought to you by WBT.

WB Network Blockchain

WB Network represents an EVM-compatible blockchain created by WhiteBIT. This blockchain ensures maximum security for users, prioritizing the safety of transactions and digital assets. Users can expect low transaction fees, promoting cost-efficient transactions on-chain. High transaction speed facilitates swift and seamless operations, enhancing the overall efficiency of the blockchain. The system’s resilience against attacks is tested and confirmed by independent audits. Operating on a Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism, the WB Network Blockchain combines security and efficiency to deliver a reliable and high-performing blockchain infrastructure.

Whether you’re a project founder seeking to scale your venture or an investor looking to invest in promising projects, WhiteBIT provides the ideal ecosystem to do so. Join us on this journey of innovation and growth.

To explore the full spectrum of benefits and opportunities offered by WhiteBIT, we invite anyone interested to leave their contact information and schedule a follow-up call. Don’t miss out on being part of the WhiteBIT community, where innovation meets success. Let’s do business and embark on this exciting crypto journey together!