Maximizing Business Potential with Crypto as a Service

Published 15 February 2024
Maximizing Business Potential with Crypto as a Service


The integration of cryptocurrency into business operations is increasingly becoming a relevant service. WhiteBIT, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe, offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to integrating digital currencies effectively into various business models.

Our exchange has over 4 million registered users and 270+ digital assets, with a peak daily trading volume of 3 billion USD. Also, more than 1,000 institutional customers already signed up for our services.

WhiteBIT’s Ecosystem

WhiteBIT is a comprehensive ecosystem that facilitates the adoption and management of digital currencies. By leveraging our services, your business can unlock new markets, carry out transactions, and enhance the customer experience.

  • WhiteBIT Exchange. A centralized trading platform that offers a secure and intuitive interface for trading various digital assets.
  • WhiteBIT Network. An in-house EVM-compatible blockchain network that provides a robust infrastructure for deploying and managing decentralized applications.
  • Whitepay. A Crypto POS solution that enables businesses to accept payments in over 100 cryptocurrencies, streamlining the transaction process for a global clientele.
  • WhiteSwap. A decentralized exchange that supports tokens from the Tron, Ethereum, and Polygon networks, catering to those who prefer trading on a DEX platform.

Each component of the WhiteBIT ecosystem is designed to work in synergy, providing an end-to-end solution for anyone looking to venture into or expand their capabilities within the crypto space.

Tailored Services for Financial Institutions

WhiteBIT presents solutions for businesses and individuals looking to incorporate crypto into their operations. Our service includes cryptocurrency exchange with competitive trading fees, extensive liquidity access across numerous currency pairs, and custody services complemented by AML checks.

We also provide wallet address generation for a wide array of cryptocurrencies, opportunities for token listing with a vast user base, and Crypto Lending options to generate passive income from asset holdings.

Versatile Wallet Services

WhiteBIT’s Wallet as a Service allows the creation of unique wallet addresses for users, supporting over 200 cryptocurrencies across 80+ networks. It includes multi-network address capabilities, allowing the receipt of assets on one network and withdrawal on another, providing unparalleled flexibility.

Exchange Services for Institutions

Through WhiteBIT’s API, institutions can offer their users the ability to convert crypto to fiat currencies. With a daily trading volume of over $50 million and an average spread of just 0.04% for national currency pairs, WhiteBIT ensures a liquid and cost-effective trading experience.

How Does it Work

WhiteBIT facilitates the process of integrating cryptocurrencies into everyday financial activities. Our service begins with a straightforward customer onboarding process, including KYC verification, ensuring secure and compliant transactions.

Institutions can also offer their clients a Visa debit card linked to their account, displaying their balance in cryptocurrency. This enables users to manage their digital assets conveniently, transferring crypto to other wallets or converting to national currency as needed.

Additionally, WhiteBIT facilitates the seamless transfer of crypto to other wallets and enables the easy conversion of crypto to national currencies and vice versa, further bridging the gap between traditional and digital finance.

Ensuring Safety in Transactions

WhiteBIT employs a thorough compliance framework for deposits and withdrawals, leveraging a third-party AML provider to screen all deposits. This process is integral to WhiteBIT’s commitment to rigorous compliance with international financial regulations.

All withdrawal requests undergo real-time security checks to safeguard against fraudulent and criminal activities. This protective measure is a cornerstone of WhiteBIT’s approach to ensuring the integrity of user transactions and maintaining a secure platform for all.

API Solution

WhiteBIT offers a flexible API designed for effective liquidity management, ensuring efficient trading through a powerful core capable of processing 1.5 million requests per second.

The suite includes a Rest API for order submission across various trading options, a WEB Socket for real-time data, a FIX 4.4 end-point for terminal integration, and a Webhook system for notifications on account activities.

Located in Europe, WhiteBIT’s servers provide reliable and swift service, which is crucial for high-frequency trading operations.

Compliance and Security

WhiteBIT emphasizes a secure client environment, adhering to stringent information management and data protection standards. Our platform is certified to manage confidential information, aligning with the European GDPR and international ISO/IEC 27001 standards for information security management.

Additionally, WhiteBIT prioritizes asset security, with 96% of digital assets stored in cold wallets, and employs Web Application Firewalls (WAF) to proactively detect and thwart hacker attacks, underscoring their commitment to safeguarding client assets and information in the cryptocurrency space.

Why Us?

WhiteBIT’s Crypto as a Service is not just a set of tools; it’s a strategic partner in your journey towards crypto integration. Our commitment to security, compliance, and innovation makes us an ideal choice for businesses looking to leverage the power of cryptocurrency.

Explore the potential of cryptocurrency for your business with WhiteBIT.