Whitechain Introduces the Pocket Rocket Game Along With The Second Coloured Launch Boxes Quest

Published 14 May 2024
Whitechain Introduces the Pocket Rocket Game Along With The Second Coloured Launch Boxes Quest


Exploring the dynamic world of Whitechain is even more exciting with their new mini-game, Pocket Rocket, and the final part of the Coloured Launch Boxes Quest.

Pocket Rocket: Your Gateway to Web3 Space Adventures

Pocket Rocket is another surprise from Whitechain to the community. It is a mini-game in which players compete for crystal rocks that serve as the currency of this Web3 space. After completing various tasks, players can receive in-game digital rewards. The tasks include:

  • Collecting crystals. Just tap the screen to fly your spaceship and mine c-rocks.
  • Upgrading spaceships. Improve yours to explore more, take on harder missions, and beat tougher enemies.
  • Hunting asteroids. Smash them to get more rocks and rewards.
  • Forming alliances. Team up with other players to share resources and help each other out.
  • Leaderboard climbing. Show off your skills by completing the tasks better than others.
  • Testing out special powers. Use boosts like “Turbo” or “Full Change” to surpass other players and get closer to rewards.

Have fun exploring Pocket Rocket!

Simple Steps to the Victory

The first part of Whitechain’s Coloured Launch Boxes Quest was a total success. Now it’s time for another round!

The second quest is focused on Whitechain’s ecosystem and partner projects: Pocket Rocket, USDC.e, Whitechain Telegram Wallet, WhiteSwap, Drakewars, and ChessNode. Participants have to complete simple on-chain tasks, interact with socials, and play games on Whitechain. They will fight for the rewards from the 7,055 USDT prize pool and six unique NFTs. The quest takes place from May 14 till June 4 on the following platforms:

  • AlphaGuilty (5,555 USDT prize pool + NFTs)
  • Galxe (500 USDT prize pool)
  • Taskon (500 USDT prize pool)
  • QuestN (500 USDT prize pool)

Read the official rules of the promotion here. Check out the available NFTs and join the quest on the Whitechain website!