The Essentials on Starting Using Your Web3 Domain

Published 24 May 2023
The Essentials on Starting Using Your Web3 Domain


Once you’ve selected and minted your Web3 domain from Unstoppable Domains, you are the owner and can start using your domain!

Managing your Domain

You fully control your Unstoppable Domain. With it, you can set up a custom profile, sync your crypto wallet addresses, host a decentralized website, transfer or sell your domain, and set up Reverse Resolution — all free without transaction fees! You own your domain for live.

Here’s how to manage your Web3 domain:

  • Sign in to your Unstoppable Domains account;
  • Go to “My Domains”;
  • Click “Manage” next to your domain.

Setting up your profile

Setting up your domain profile is a fast, simple, and convenient way to share your digital identity across Web3. Profiles serve as your record of online accounts and activities. They are 100% opt-in, so the data you choose to share across apps, games, and metaverses is fully controlled by you!

Build your Web3 identity by uploading your profile photo, adding a banner image, and sharing a bit about yourself within your bio description. You can even display your favorite NFT as your profile picture!

  • You can verify your social clout by syncing your Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Discord, and Telegram accounts.
  • Proudly display the badges you’ve earned from your online activities and participation in Web3, or select to hide them.
  • Showcase your digital assets and personalize your profile by enabling your Token Gallery.
  • Share your contact info, such as your public or private email address, as you wish!
  • Simplify your Web3 crypto transactions by adding your crypto addresses in the correct field to receive payments via your Web3 technology domain.
  • Enable email messaging for your domain to send and receive private encrypted email communication.
  • Build a decentralized website by utilizing the templates, creating a site and uploading to IPFS, linking to an existing IPFS hash, or redirecting to a traditional domain.
  • You can transfer ownership of your domain to another address. You must have a private key to manage your domain. If you transfer this domain to an exchange or any custodial crypto wallet where you do not control the private key, you won’t be able to access your domain.
  • List your domain for sale both on the Unstoppable Domains website or on popular Web3 projects, like or Rarible.
  • Enable Reverse Resolution within your Unstoppable profile to allow Web3 applications to display your Web3 domain name instead of your long Web3 wallet address. Without Reverse Resolution, it’s hard to represent your digital identity and data across Web3.

Once your profile is complete, you can view it at and share it online!

More information about managing your domain you can find in this video