Whitepay: Everything You Need to Know

Published 22 July 2022
Whitepay: Everything You Need to Know


If you regularly follow the news of our exchange, you probably often see posts about Whitepay’s partnership with various projects. It’s time to tell more about this irreplaceable part of the WhiteBIT ecosystem.

What is Whitepay?

Whitepay is a crypto processing platform that includes many services: currency exchange, cryptocurrency donations, POS terminals, invoicing, and crypto acquiring.

The project opens up new opportunities for businesses that seek to enter a new era of crypto payments by allowing them to create a single network of exchange points with multi-level data and funds protection.

Project’s history

At the minimum viable product (MVP) stage, the company introduced the first version of the POS terminal for cryptocurrency exchange points. Whitepay also added several currencies, namely USDT, BTC, and UAH.

After the platform’s full launch, new features became available to users: detailed financial analytics, reporting on transactions, and the ability to accept non-cash currencies.

Now, a test POS network has been launched, more detailed check settings and fee imposing have been added, and a branded design of POS terminals has been created.

Since the platform is actively developing, more updates are waiting for users ahead.

Whitepay’s goals

The project aims to help businesses develop and adopt new payment methods, making their service more convenient for a larger category of users. It will also contribute to a more active introduction of cryptocurrency in various areas of life.

Platform’s products

Whitepay provides users with 4 main products:

  • POS Crypto/Fiat Exchange mode – the terminal that allows you to exchange cryptocurrency for national currency and vice versa (all rates are updated automatically).
  • POS Money Receiver mode – the terminal that allows you to pay for services or goods in crypto or national currency at the current rate.
  • API Fiat/Crypto Acquiring – the payment page allows users to make payments in national currency, but for Whitepay’s customers, this payment is converted into cryptocurrency.
  • Crypto/Fiat Donation – the payment page with the opportunity to make payments or donations in crypto and national currency.

Benefits of Whitepay

The advantages of the platform include:

  • low fees;
  • no hidden payments;
  • fast integration and implementation of Whitepay’s products into the services of the clients’ platforms;
  • data security and privacy;
  • detailed financial reports and funds control;
  • a one-stop business solution.


Whitepay is also actively involved in charity. Literally, in the first days of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a platform was launched to raise funds to help people affected by the war. Anyone can make a donation in crypto or national currency.

Whitepay also became a partner of United24, the fund of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. Now, the platform helps the fund process donations in cryptocurrency. In addition, recently, there was a collaboration with the Ukrainian charitable foundation Tabletochki, which helps to fight childhood cancer.

Countries where Whitepay is available

The platform provides its services in Ukraine, Turkey, and the UAE. As the project actively enters new markets, the list of countries will continue to grow. However, charitable donations can be made from anywhere in the world.

You can contact Whitepay regarding partnerships with the project (partnerships@whitepay.com) and also discuss the possibility of entering a new market.

Whitepay is a project aimed at businesses that are open to new technologies and want to add cryptocurrency payments to their services. The platform provides crypto-processing services and is being improved for wider cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption.

WhiteBIT Team


The project provides a currency exchange, POS terminals, API for acquiring, and a donation platform. All products are designed to operate with both crypto and national currency.

At the moment, Whitepay’s services are available in Ukraine, Turkey, and the UAE, but the list of countries will expand over time.

Whitepay uses multi-level protection of funds and data. With each transaction, a one-time QR code is generated for customers. The project is also included in the ecosystem of WhiteBIT, which enters the Top 2 most secured exchanges according to the Hacken independent audit.