AMA with Dating Token | Transcript

Published 28 November 2021
AMA with Dating Token | Transcript


Q: Dating is common among most teenagers, especially on online dating platforms like TINDER. Can you tell us who is your target audience? Are you aware of the non crypto audiences? How will you spread the DTNG platform to non crypto audiences?

A: Sure, teenagers mostly use that platform, but also many adult people.

We believe that now teenagers must use crypto because they have difficulties using credit cards.

We are sure aware of non crypto audiences, and we are sure that soon there will be more crypto users than credit card users.

Last question, we don’t try to do that because it will be an easy, fast and safe system. If we give people such a system, they will use it for sure.

Q: I saw that you are planning to create a blockchain-based dating platform. What is the role of your token within this idea? How should assets become popular?

A: Yes, we are. It will allow people to be easy, safe, and hidden. Besides, there will be some unique features.

People should get income, if they are popular. They should be able to get some part of the system’s profit according to their popularity. They can get DTNG token or some real gifts without giving their address to unknown people, etc.

Q: What is the point of creating the “Real Marriage features on the blockchain” while Marriages are registered all over the world via documents?

A: I know it’s strange for now. We have some plans for that for the future. People should not only find man or woman for dating or marriage. If they do not want to give more information at first, we should give a hidden part to start.

They should be able to check if the man or a woman had any experience at our dating systems, if the people whom they met gave them good or bad comments, etc. We think it will help users to know more about the people they are going to date or marry.

Q: I wonder when the DTNG app will release its testnet and beta. Will it be available with real user profiles, or will there be bots for the test phase? Do you plan to add any incentives for early adopters?

A: Planning to start tests before the end of the year, aiming to start early 2022. Let’s say in January 2022.

We will never use bots. The test period will be only for real users. We have some amount of free tokens which they will be able to use on the dating platform. So, the system will start with only real people.

Q: The sphere of paid dating services in the CIS countries isn’t really popular at the moment. Tell me how your project is going to scale in that region. Or do you think America / Europe are the main directions for your project?

A: Not only believe, but also we’ve been getting information for more than 2 years that dating services are popular all over the world, including Eastern European countries. There are hundreds of websites we are already listed on.

There are dating pages and companies in all countries. We are listing to offer them our payment system soon. We will offer them cheaper, faster, and safer transactions than credit cards.

We target not only Europe and USA. Our essential target is Eastern Europe.

Besides, we are planning to open our first office in Kyiv, Ukraine soon.

Q: Many individuals are afraid of using online and mobile dating services as a result of problems such as lack of privacy and relationship unfairness. How is your project planning to change that?

A: Good question! That’s almost our main idea, which we had at the beginning.

Yes, individuals are afraid of using dating systems. To help them overcome their fears, we have some innovative plans. Those who are worried about privacy can reject gifts. Those who are afraid to give real addresses and names will have that covered by our system. Our system will be safer for those who are afraid to give credit card details to the website they don’t trust enough.

Q: Let’s say I pay for the “Zodiac Sign Compatibility” feature. Will the app automatically show me (as a filtering system) those with whom I am most compatible by zodiac sign, or will it only show me the percentage of compatibility with the matches I already have?

In case if “Zodiac Sign Compatibility” doesn’t work as a filtering system, what filtering methods does your app have? Let’s say I don’t like people who smoke. Is there an option that allows me to filter those people?

A: It will be a new feature of dating systems. Members will be able to choose one of the astrologers, and the system will be able to search the partners who have already selected an astrologer. It will search not from all members to give you a better result.

Filtering systems are not new. Many dating systems are doing that already. Sure, you’ll be able to choose filters.

Q: You are planning to launch a p2p dating platform in 2022. Could you tell us about that? What other plans do you have for the upcoming year?

A: It’s our next project to announce and list on WhiteBIT. We will have many p2p projects.

There will be many personal features for the dating platform.

For 2022, we plan to associate our dating platform with other projects and to offer members innovative plans for gifting, travel, and shopping. Some of them are still in secret.