How to add our widget on a smartphone?

Published 04 August 2022
How to add our widget on a smartphone?


You have probably seen the Widget Tickers section in the settings of our app. This feature allows selecting the cryptocurrency pairs whose price changes you want to track and adding them to your smartphone’s home screen. How do you do it? Easier than you think! Here is our short guide:

  • Click the Account icon on the main page of our app.

  • Go to the Widget Markets section.

  • Click “Add Tickers” and select the desired crypto pairs by checking the boxes on their left. After that, click “Done”.

  • Go to the home page of your smartphone and open the Widgets tab.

  • Select “WHITEBIT” in the Add Widgets window and click “Done”. If necessary, click the Edit or Customise/Drag to home screen buttons. You may also need to manually select the pairs you want to track.

As a result, you will be able to see the rate charts of your favorite cryptos in the list of widgets on your smartphone.

Enjoy using our helpful tools!

WhiteBIT Team