WhiteBIT Cryptocurrency Exchange

Published 30 May 2022
WhiteBIT Cryptocurrency Exchange


The cryptocurrency market in Ukraine is developing rapidly. One of the factors of such development is crypto exchanges. These are platforms where you can trade and exchange digital assets. But the functionality is not limited to trading only. 

Ukrainian crypto exchanges compete with worldwide-known platforms regarding service quality, trading opportunities, and user experience. WhiteBIT is one of them. Its goal is to increase blockchain and crypto adoption and make cryptos accessible to everyone.

WhiteBIT is the largest European cryptocurrency exchange, one of the TOP-3 platforms in terms of security according to the CER.live rating. There are already more than 450 trading pairs and more than 2.5 million users on the exchange. It provides an opportunity to make money for both beginners and professional traders with the help of broad functionality, which we will also mention later.

WhiteBIT is not only a cryptocurrency exchange but also an ecosystem consisting of several products:

  • Bitcoin Global is a P2P platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies;
  • WhiteSwap is an AMM DEX;
  • Whitepay is a cryptocurrency payment processing system.

What does WhiteBIT exchange offer to users?

Each trader can find a suitable method of making profits on the exchange. What opportunities does WhiteBIT provide to its clients?

  • Trading. Registered users can trade with their own (Spot) and borrowed funds (Margin). The maximum leverage provided by the exchange has increased from x5 to x10. The leverage can be set from ​​1x up to 10x.

To buy and sell coins, they can use Limit, Market, Stop, and Conditional orders. The company has developed a unique Conditional order. It allows placing an order to buy or sell an asset, provided that another chosen pair reaches a certain price (the so-called guiding pair).

Trading is possible not only with cryptocurrencies but also using state currencies. The exchange already supports more than 20 currencies. Due to the support of Mercuryo payment service, it is possible to top up your balance with crypto directly.

  • Crypto Lending. It is also possible to earn passively. To do this, they need to opt for a suitable plan, stake the desired amount of crypto and select the plan’s duration. This feature works like a bank deposit, but it is faster and more profitable. The maximum interest rate is 30% for USDT.

The plan can be activated in a few seconds, but it is obligatory to keep the assets in the plan until the end of the term. Otherwise, there will be no profit.

  • Activities. Clients have access to the ongoing activities of the platform. These are Trading tournaments, meme battles, various quizzes, and giveaways. Each of the activities is backed by a generous prize pool, in which anyone can win some cryptocurrency.

In addition, a Q&A with a project is held on the platform. This is where a representative of the exchange communicates with a representative of a certain cryptocurrency project. Such events allow learning many new things and understanding new assets’ prospects.

Is the European crypto exchange WhiteBIT safe?

Protecting the customers’ assets and data is an absolute priority for the company. At WhiteBIT, the defense is based on a user’s identity verification, constant monitoring of incoming traffic and financial activity of customers, comparing them with patterns, and identifying suspicious activity. These are complex algorithms that help maintain the purity of assets circulating on the exchange.

In addition to working according to the AML/CFT policy, a user can enable the anti-phishing function and two-factor authentication.

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Advantages of WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange

Along with rich functionality, there are other pros of using this exchange:

  • Low trading fee – up to 0.1%.
  • Two interface modes: basic and professional.
  • It is available to improve your trading skills for free using the Demo Token.
  • Large selection of assets and trading pairs (over 450).
  • There are WhiteBIT Codes that provide instant and free transfers between wallets on the exchange.
  • There is available a quick identity confirmation for citizens of Ukraine (using the state portal “Diia”).

Besides, WhiteBIT has hundreds of good and excellent reviews. And the constantly growing number of traders confirms that they are genuinely interested in this product.

Why does WhiteBIT deserve your attention?

Because WhiteBIT is one of the few companies on the market that is truly interested in giving its customers more and more capabilities. Low fees, the ability to work with an extensive list of national currencies, and an abundance of trading tools can help even beginners to increase their capital.

The Ukrainian crypto exchange WhiteBIT also has a mobile app with an intuitive interface that gives access to both trading and some activities.

As a result, users have an easy-to-use product that helps to enter the field of crypto and discover new promising methods of making money.


Now you can set the following leverage sizes for margin trading: x1, x2, x3, x5, x10, x20.

Yes, but it will not exceed 0.1%.

Only registered users can participate in activities of the exchange.

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