Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Published 17 February 2022
Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?


Satoshi Nakamoto is the name behind which the creator of Bitcoin and the first blockchain database is hiding. But who he really is, a single person or a group of people, is still unknown.

We present you 5 candidates who might be involved in creating the first cryptocurrency.

  • Dorian Nakamoto. A Japanese with technical background, libertarian views, and the name that speaks for itself. It was the first attempt to reveal the identity of the creator. Dorian later admitted that he had nothing to do with Bitcoin.
  • Elon Musk. A billionaire who is well-versed in cryptography and economics and knows programming languages. Musk denied the suggestion about his involvement and said that he had lost the only BTC given to him.
  • Nick Szabo. A cryptographer and one of the pioneers in the field of smart contracts. In 2008, he introduced the Bit Gold decentralized currency protocol. Nakamoto’s and Sabo’s writing styles and references to Carl Menger are similar.
  • Craig Wright. The story of the software engineer dates back to 2016. In 2019, he even claimed the rights to the White paper and the Bitcoin source code. But he was never able to withdraw a single thousandth of BTC from the creator’s wallet.
  • David Kleiman. In 2021, the sister of the late David Kleiman sued Craig Wright. The gist of the lawsuit is that Wright must admit that he acted not alone but with her brother. The trial still continues.

WhiteBIT Team