A first-order bonus: $10 000 to the novice traders

Published 18 November 2021

If you have never traded on our exchange but would like to give it a try, seize a perfect opportunity. The WhiteBIT trading toolkit is notable for its convenience, adaptability, and simplicity. Choose a suitable order and embark on your very own trading journey! We will encourage your endeavors with an activity where 500 new WhiteBIT traders will each receive $20 for placing the first order and showing good results in trading.

Here is what to do to share the $10 000 prize pool:

⭐️ Sign up on the exchange if you have not yet.

⭐️ Make a deposit or use the existing funds.

⭐️ Place your first trading order.

⭐️ Increase the trading volume to at least $250 (in any cryptocurrency).

⭐️ Fill out the form and join us on Telegram.

Duration: from the 18th till the 30th of November (till 6 p.m. UTC)

Winners: 500

Prize pool: $10 000

We will choose the winners on the 3rd of December and send out the rewards via WhiteBIT Codes withing 5 working days.

Become a real trading Jedi of WhiteBIT, receive a pleasant bonus, and start exploring new crypto horizons with us!

WhiteBIT Team

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