Depositing Funds to WhiteBIT Is Now Available Through Almost 30,000 Payment Terminals!

Published 18 November 2022
Depositing Funds to WhiteBIT Is Now Available Through Almost 30,000 Payment Terminals!


Europe’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT introduces a new depositing service. Now you can deposit funds to WhiteBIT through EasyPay and IBox payment terminals. These are the two largest operators in Ukraine.

It means that from now on, there are even more ways to top up your balance. You can transfer funds to your WhiteBIT balance not only online but also offline — in any locality of Ukraine where there is an IBox or EasyPay terminal. That is almost everywhere, including small towns.

Replenishment through the terminal is a convenient and fast way to deposit cash on the exchange. Before that, you had to put money into a bank account first, and only then deposit them on WhiteBIT. Now, the path has been simplified to only one step.

How to replenish your WhiteBIT balance through a payment terminal?

Firstly, you need to find out where the closest terminal is. Most likely, it is not that far away. The total number of terminals of these two brands is almost 30,000 throughout Ukraine. They can be found in supermarkets, public transport stops, and other crowded places. For example, in Kyiv alone, there are more than 1900 IBox points and more than 1300 EasyPay points. Use the IBox and EasyPay maps to find your nearest payment terminal.

So, you’ve found the terminal and reached it. What are the next steps?

  1. Find the icon with the WhiteBIT logo in the “Banks and financial services” section of the terminal, or simply search for a cryptocurrency exchange by searching for the name.
  2. Enter the phone number to which the WhiteBIT Сode will be sent.
  3. Deposit the desired top-up amount in cash. There are no limits on deposits at a time.
  4. After payment, you will receive a WhiteBIT Сode in an SMS message to the specified phone number.
  5. Save this code and use it on the WhiteBIT website or mobile application whenever possible. After activating, the deposited funds will be credited to the balance. You can exchange them for any currency available on the crypto exchange anytime.

It’s as easy as topping up your mobile account balance.

You probably have one more question. What is the commission? When you deposit funds to WhiteBIT through EasyPay or IBox, you pay only 1.1% of the deposit amount! For comparison, a commission to replenish the balance of a cell phone can reach 3-4%.