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WhiteBIT Has Become a Partner of the TOKEN2049 Crypto Conference in Singapore

Web3 companies from all over the world will meet in Singapore on September 13–14 at the largest even...
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17 August 2023

WhiteBIT and Visa Signed Memorandum of Understanding to Cooperate for Crypto-Assets Usability Improvement

WhiteBIT, one of the largest European crypto exchanges of Ukrainian origin, and Visa, the world lead...
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11 August 2023

Digital identity and Web3: new opportunities for users in a decentralized world

The development of the internet has led to significant advances in communications, commerce, and acc...
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10 May 2023

How DF Platform Facilitates Social Impact Investing

Innovative and effective solutions have never been more critical in an era marked by pressing social...
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08 May 2023

Ethereum Shanghai Update: Key Things You Need to Know

After developers activated The Merge update in Ethereum on September 15, 2022, the blockchain switch...
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13 April 2023

Introducing Sl8: The Ukrainian Crypto-Social Network

Sl8 (Slate) is the first Ukrainian crypto-social ecosystem with an integrated crypto-wallet on the S...
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07 April 2023

Radix: A Radically Different Layer 1

Decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 technologies are gaining in popularity, promising more accessi...
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31 March 2023

Introduction to GoodCrypto: A Comprehensive Crypto Trading Solution

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the financial world, allowing people to invest and trade digitally...
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06 March 2023

Ways to Help Ukraine: Whitepay story

Whitepay is a Ukrainian SaaS company that provides cryptocurrency solutions for business and charity...
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20 January 2023

Cryptocurrency & Social Networks: What to Expect And Prepare For?

One after another, Twitter, Meta, Telegram, and Reddit announce plans to integrate digital assets in...
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13 January 2023

How to buy land in the metaverse?

WhiteBIT team, together with the WOO Network (WOO) project, has prepared a series of educational art...
18 November 2022

Blockchain in logistics

Blockchain allows for building reliable and transparent relationships between participants of any sy...
18 November 2022

GameFi: How to Get Crypto for Playing Games

What if, being a gamer, you get rewards for your time online? It’s not a hypothetical question but a...
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11 November 2022

Blockchain in education

Today, we'll talk about the first experiences with the technology, current applications, and the adv...
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08 November 2022

What Is the Metaverse

Virtual reality is becoming more accessible every day. Modern technologies, including blockchain, ma...
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04 November 2022
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