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Internet Evolution: What Is Web3.0?

The Internet evolution is described as a path from Web1.0 via Web2.0 to Web3.0....
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16 September 2022

The Merge is Coming: What You Need to Know About Ethereum’s Biggest Upgrade

September is on the calendar, which means that the cryptocurrency community is already holding its b...
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02 September 2022

ENS: Decentralized Domain Name System of the Web3 Generation

The system that made it possible to search and quickly find the right website in the global network ...
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30 August 2022

Web 5: What Is Emotional Web?

Web 5 is an innovative and influential theory that implies creating, managing, and controlling our i...
Read 8 minutes
17 August 2022

Blockchain and AI: Advanced Technologies and Prospects for Their Integration

Blockchain and artificial intelligence are two cutting-edge technologies that are gaining more and m...
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20 July 2022

All you need to know about Ethereum 2.0

In August 2022, a global event for the crypto community will occur. It is the transition of the Ethe...
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22 June 2022

NFT: The Fifth Element of the Web 3.0 Era

It is impossible to skip mentioning non-interchangeable tokens when talking about blockchain innovat...
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10 June 2022

WhiteBIT and Tabletochki | Let’s do good together!

Great news! Making a charitable donation in cryptocurrency to support the wards of the Charitable Fo...
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09 June 2022

The Way of DAO: Organizations in the Blockchain Era

DAO is a new form of organization that is built using a smart contract on top of a specific blockcha...
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01 June 2022

We Do Our Best to Help Ukraine

WhiteBIT systematically joins charitable projects and provides information and technical assistance ...
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30 May 2022

The High-Profile Case of TerraUSD: Unprecedented Turmoil in the Crypto Market

For the third week now, the crypto community has been trying to recover from the events around one o...
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25 May 2022

GameFi Innovations: At The Crossroads of Reality And Metaverse

The space for the development of blockchain technologies is expanding at a cosmic pace, allowing mor...
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10 May 2022

Green Alternatives: Eco-friendly Mining

On the 22nd of April, the world celebrates International Mother Earth Day, when it is especially rel...
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23 April 2022

Scalability Wars: How Blockchains Fight for a Place in the Sun

Blockchain technologies are confidently becoming part of our routine, let alone the lives of tech en...
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20 April 2022

💥 Let’s explore the world of the NFT games 💥

NFTs are more like handmade items that can be very similar but never the same. It makes them an idea...
Read 3 minutes
13 April 2022
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