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Scalability Wars: How Blockchains Fight for a Place in the Sun

Blockchain technologies are confidently becoming part of our routine, let alone the lives of tech en...
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20 April 2022

💥 Let’s explore the world of the NFT games 💥

NFTs are more like handmade items that can be very similar but never the same. It makes them an idea...
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13 April 2022

NFT News: Spring in the World of Blockchain Technologies

The scope of NFT is expanding, just like the price tags for unique tokens are growing. We offer to t...
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21 March 2022

What Cryptocurrency to Buy: A Detailed Guide

This article will tell you how to choose a digital currency for investment and mention some promisin...
Read 10 minutes
17 March 2022

💫 Celebrities who became crypto investors. Part 2 💫

The popularity of cryptocurrency has not gone unnoticed by celebrities. Here is a small selection of...
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24 February 2022

🌠 Prominent crypto fans. Part 1 🌠

It is impossible to ignore the wild popularity of digital assets. Let’s discuss the representatives ...
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18 February 2022

FACEIT & WhiteBIT | The partnership of esport and crypto

We are excited to announce our partnership with FACEIT, the leading competitive platform for online ...
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02 February 2022

A Journey Into The Metaverse With TCG World & WhiteBIT

In this article, we will tell you about the metaverse, its connection to cryptocurrency, the impleme...
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10 January 2022

Women in crypto

Blockchain technology allows bypassing traditional biased financial systems. In the crypto ecosystem...
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08 December 2021

Cryptocurrency through the eyes of Wozniak

Steve Wozniak is an American computer scientist, inventor, and programmer....
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06 December 2021

🌍 Great news for the Ukrainian users 🌍

We are launching a large-scale campaign with the lifecell mobile operator on the territory of Ukrain...
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01 December 2021

Taproot and London: Comparing the Leading Blockchain Upgrades

Taproot, a major Bitcoin upgrade, was activated a few days ago. We’ve decided to recall London, an u...
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19 November 2021

💼 Peter Thiel on cryptocurrency 💼

Peter Thiel is a German-American billionaire entrepreneur, investor, and hedge-fund manager....
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18 November 2021

Taproot: What to expect?

On the 14th of November (5 a.m. UTC), the Taproot upgrade was launched in the BTC network. It is the...
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13 November 2021

Taproot: a review of a long-awaited update to the Bitcoin network

Taproot is expected to be the biggest technological update since 2017. In the article, we will discu...
Read 10 minutes
11 November 2021
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