Blockchain and Crypto Educational Resources

Published 25 August 2021
Blockchain and Crypto Educational Resources


Although the interest in cryptocurrencies is swiftly growing globally, there are still quite a few quality educational resources. We’ve prepared a list of credible sources to save your time.

A popular online educational platform, Coursera offers more than 20 courses on crypto, blockchain, and related topics. Most of the courses are for beginners. However, some require a certain level of knowledge in the area to start.

💡 Other free courses:

It is great for beginners who aim not only for quick trading profit but also for a better understanding of crypto and its current or future role in global finance.

It is suitable for beginners. This course tells about blockchain technology. Although the material is free, you will be offered to pay $99 to get a verified EdX certificate.

If you are not into courses, visit Swissquote, where you can educate in different ways. The portal offers:

  • cryptocurrency eBooks by Swissquote experts;
  • infographics showing how crypto took over its current position and predicting future prospects;
  • articles by Swissquote experts;
  • videos;
  • webinars;
  • quick crypto profiles (a brief description of the 23 most popular digital assets on a single webpage).

WhiteBIT Team