Optimized Trading With GoodCrypto Tools

Published 12 May 2023
Optimized Trading With GoodCrypto Tools


GoodCrypto is a crypto trading and portfolio management app allowing you to trade on over 35 popular cryptocurrency exchanges. It is designed to help traders make informed decisions and use expanded trading opportunities.

The project was founded in 2018 by a team of traders and developers from Ukraine. The team’s goal was to create a powerful and easy-to-use platform.

GoodCrypto trading bots

GoodCrypto offers many trading bots to help traders automate their trading strategies and increase profits regardless of the market trend. Let’s review the most popular of them:

Grid bot

Grid bot automatically creates and maintains a grid of buy and sell limit orders of the same size and interval within a given price range. If a buy order is placed, the bot creates a sell order one level higher. Likewise, if a sell order is executed, the bot creates a buy order at a lower grid level. Grid bots will work continuously until the set profit level is reached or until the trader stops them by himself. GoodCrypto offers two types of Grid bots: Long for bull markets and Short for bear markets. Learn how to profit in the flat market with the Grid bot here.

DCA bot

DCA bot is a trading bot that helps traders accumulate their assets over time and get the desired profit. The bot averages the entry price if the price moves in the opposite direction, automatically adjusting the Take Profit level to reflect the current position size.

There are two DCA modes available in GoodCrypto:

  • Auto (TA Signal) is a fully automated mode. In this case, the bot relies on aggregated signals from 25 technical indicators, including 15 moving averages and 10 oscillators, to select an entry point for a position. When a signal is displayed, the bot automatically opens the corresponding position. After reaching the Take Profit level, the sequence of actions is repeated.
  • Manual mode gives full control over when to enter the market. As soon as the position is opened, the bot will automatically place averaging orders and adjust the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels considering the position’s size and the entry price.

Follow the link to find out how to profit in any trending market.

Infinity Trail bot

Infinity Trail bot helps to profit from market volatility by using Trailing-stop orders and catching strong market movements up or down. The bot helps traders enter a position when the downtrend reverses and exits when the uptrend runs out. To do this, it is necessary to set the trailing distance for Trailing-buy and Trailing-sell orders based on the observed volatility of the market and start the bot. Infinity Trail Bot will run until it reaches the target level of Take Profit or is stopped manually. Learn more about how Infinity Trail Bot works in the GoodCrypto application guide.

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You can read more about GoodCrypto’s bot strategies here.

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