The Next Level of Your Opportunities Is the VIP Program at WhiteBIT

Published 07 November 2023
The Next Level of Your Opportunities Is the VIP Program at WhiteBIT


We constantly add new features and embody a unique approach to interacting with WhiteBIT users. The VIP program is designed for those who value favorable trading conditions, top-notch service, and the opportunity to constantly reach new levels.

From the very beginning, absolutely all users of the exchange have the “Basic” membership level, that is, they trade on WhiteBIT under normal conditions with up to 0.1% fees. Starting from the very first “Newbie” level, VIP status is granted, and clients with this status gain access to exclusive benefits that further expand with each membership level.

The Benefits of the VIP Program

Participants of the VIP program receive unique privileges already from the first “Newbie” level, namely:

  1. Discounts on maker and taker fees for spot and margin trading. The discount depends on the user’s VIP status, which is calculated based on their trading volume and balance on the exchange. At the “Supreme” VIP level, a rebate for makers is available, with a fee of -0.001%. For example, if you execute a trade with a Limit order worth 1 000 000 USDT, you won’t be charged any fees, and we will refund you 0.001% of the trade amount, which equals 10 USDT.
  2. Account manager and priority request processing. Our manager will serve as your guide and devoted companion, ready to assist with all matters related to WhiteBIT.
  3. Deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrency by users with VIP status are processed in priority order.
  4. Unique gifts and events for VIP clients.

How to Become a Member of the VIP Program?

There are two ways to get VIP status:

  • A user of the exchange can get VIP status on any day of the month, provided that they meet the requirements of the program.
  • The user can get VIP status on WhiteBIT if they confirm their trading volume and balance amount on the other exchange by sending us the corresponding application. Thereafter, we will check the application and assign it a suitable level of VIP status in the coming days.

How Is VIP Status Assigned?

The VIP level is assigned immediately if the user meets the conditions. The level requirements are shown in the table below.

The user can get the maximum level of VIP on the exchange, moving from the lower levels, increasing the trading volume and the size of the balance on the exchange. The user can raise their VIP level any number of times during the month. The VIP level is determined by two indicators:

  • Total monthly trading volume on the spot and margin markets must be at least 100 000 USDT in equivalent.
  • The total of all WhiteBIT balances (including WBT in Holding, but excluding Earn) must be at least 10 000 USDT in equivalent.

Please note that to receive a VIP level, both conditions must be met: achieving a sufficient trading volume and maintaining a corresponding average balance.

Membership level Name Maker fee Taker fee Trading volume for 30 days in USDT Average balance in USDT
0 Basic 0,1% 0,1% < 100 000 < 10 000
1 Newbie 0,06% 0,095% ≥ 100 000 ≥ 10 000
2 Freshman 0,05% 0,09% ≥ 250 000 ≥ 15 000
3 Brainy 0,04% 0,085% ≥ 500 000 ≥ 20 000
4 Never Doubting 0% 0,08% ≥ 1 000 000 ≥ 30 000
5 Unstoppable 0% 0,07% ≥ 2 000 000 ≥ 50 000
6 Inspiring 0% 0,065% ≥ 5 000 000 ≥ 100 000
7 Bull’s Eye 0% 0,06% ≥ 10 000 000 ≥ 150 000
8 Celebrity 0% 0,05% ≥ 20 000 000 ≥ 200 000
9 Moonshot 0% 0,04% ≥ 50 000 000 ≥ 500 000
10 Supreme -0,001% 0,03% ≥ 100 000 000 ≥ 1 000 000

Where Can You View Your VIP Level?

You can find out what VIP level you currently have on the VIP program page and in your account settings.

VIP status in WhiteBIT’s user profile

Clicking on the level mark in your profile will open the official page of the VIP program. There will be a card with your level as well.

VIP user status card on the official program page


Once your account meets the balance size and trading volume demands, you will automatically receive the corresponding VIP level and become a member of the program. If you want to migrate your VIP status from another exchange, you can apply by filling out the application form.

If your monthly trading volume on the spot and/or margin market exceeds an equivalent of 100 000 USDT and more, and you hold at least 10 000 USDT across Main, Trading, or Collateral balances (including WBT in Holding), you qualify for level 1 of our VIP program. The discounts and all benefits will take effect automatically.

To become a member of the WhiteBIT VIP program from another exchange, you should confirm your monthly trading volumes and balance size. You can do this by simply filling out the VIP status request application.
Once your request is approved, you will receive the corresponding VIP level. It will be recalculated on the first day of the next calendar month, and therefore you must meet VIP-program minimum requirements to keep the VIP status.

The trading volume is summed up for all days of the calendar month. The trading volume on spot and/or margin trading must be at least 100 000 USDT. The trading volume in other assets will be converted to the USDT equivalent.

The required amount on the balance to participate in the VIP program is at least 10 000 USDT (in equivalent to that sum). We randomly take snapshots of the available funds on the Main, Trading, and Collateral balances to determine the average balance during the month. Further, the total amount of funds on snapshots of these balances is divided by the total number of days when they were taken. Assets in the Crypto Lending plans and the delisted assets since the delisting date are not considered in the determination of the average balance.

The VIP level is determined by the lowest level, which corresponds to the average balance or trading volume. For example, if the value of the average balance corresponds to level 5, and the value of the trading volume corresponds to level 2, then the user will be assigned the second VIP level.

When a user increases their VIP level during the month, they are automatically assigned a new level. The new discounts will start to apply within the next 24 hours. If a user's performance decreases to the previous level of membership, their current discounts continue to apply until the end of the month. Starting from the first day of the following month, the VIP level will be recalculated.

No, VIP program members only have discounts on trading fees on spot and margin trading. VIP users trade on futures on regular conditions.

All assets on the Main, Trading, and Collateral balances (including WBT in Holding), are considered in calculating the average balance and trading volume, except those removed from the exchange or which are currently used in the Crypto Lending plans. That is, if an asset was delisted from the exchange in the midway through the month, then this asset will be used for calculation up to the point of its removal.