We are 4 years old! Did what, party how?

Published 19 November 2022
We are 4 years old! Did what, party how?


4 years, 3 million users, 150 countries, 5 international offices, and a massive field for new opportunities. Thank you for being with us, supporting all our bold ideas, and making it all possible.

Treat yourself with a cake, have a slice for WhiteBIT, and let’s remember what has happened to us in these four years. Let’s shed a stingy tear. Oh, the thrill of memories.

2018. The exchange receives a license and starts work. The first users come and start hitting jackpots on bitcoin trading. It gives so much energy!

2019. There are more events here. We introduced the main functionality of the exchange, launched a mobile application, and immediately after it, Crypto Lending (also called SMART staking).

2020. Just amazing! Events are rushing at cosmic speed. We launch Gagarin Show, Bitcoin Global, and immediately after them, WhiteSwap. We start cooperation with Hacken. We improve and expand the functionality of the exchange. And there are more and more cryptocats on the exchange.

2021. The party is gathering momentum!We launch a partnership with monobank. Wow! Since then, you can deposit your balance fee-free. We participate in the AIBC UAE summit. And then, we become a platinum sponsor of the tenth international conference BlockchainUA. We are also shocked, but this party moves us! Who will go to sleep?

2022. Collaborations are rushing one after another! We are entering into a partnership with the lifecell operator and are now conducting joint activities with the FACEIT online platform. It is followed immediately by our collaboration with the Diya service — now identity verification is even easier. Then we launched the Whitepay payment processing system and created a fundraising platform to help the Ukrainian military and people affected by the war.

We continue with this and become partners with the world-class football club Trabzonspor. Moreover, we have become sponsors of the Valencia Marathon.

And finally, the purchase of a crystal microphone — the award of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

All these thanks to you. Stocked up on new calendars and markers. There’s more to come. Because only you set the level!