First Steps in Crypto: a Quick Start with Nice Bonuses

Published 04 May 2022

If you are about to start your journey in the world of crypto, use an excellent opportunity to fulfill your plans and participate in the giveaway. Take the first simple steps on the exchange and get a chance to share the $1500 prize pool!

To participate, you need to:

sign up on the exchange;

✅ pass identity verification;

✅ replenish your balance in a government currency for the amount equivalent to $100+.

❗️ The participants who buy their first cryptocurrency for this amount and hold it on the balance until the end of the activity will receive an additional $5 (in BTC) if they win. This condition is not obligatory for participation in the giveaway.

Duration: from the 4th till the 31st of May (4 p.m. UTC)

Prize pool: $1500 (in BTC)

Winners: 100 ($15 to each winner + $5 if the additional condition is met)

The winners will be announced on the 7th of June. After that, they will receive their rewards as WhiteBIT Codes via e-mail within 5 working days.

WhiteBIT Team

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