A Good Opportunity for Beginners to Win a Prize

Published 06 July 2022
A Good Opportunity for Beginners to Win a Prize


If you are a newbie on the exchange or have not even registered yet, we offer to participate in an activity that suits you perfectly. Complete a few tasks and try your luck in the $10 000 (in BTC) giveaway!

To participate, you need to:

sign up on the exchange if you haven’t yet;

pass identity verification;

✅ complete at least 2 tasks from the list:

1️⃣make your first deposit or buy crypto for the first time;

2️⃣ place an order for the first time;

3️⃣ make a trading volume of over $10 000 on the BTC/USDT pair;

4️⃣ invite at least 5 friends via the referral link who will pass identity verification.

✅ fill in the form.

Duration: from the 6th till the 31st of July (4 p.m. UTC)

Prize pool: $10 000 (in BTC)

Winners: 500

Each winner will receive $5 (in BTC) for each completed task.

*at the exchange rate on the 20th of June

The winners will be determined on the 5th of August. After that, they will receive their rewards as WhiteBIT Codes via e-mail within 5 business days.

❗️ The rewards will not be sent to users who:

have already performed the abovementioned tasks before the start of the giveaway;

performed less than 2 tasks;

provided an invalid document;

participated in the promotion and already received a $2 reward;

violate the terms of the exchange (multi-accounts, exchange services);

are citizens of Russia, Belarus, and the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Join the activity and use the chance to win your first BTC!

WhiteBIT Team