Bitcicoin: win a fortune!

Published 15 December 2022
Bitcicoin: win a fortune!


Bitcicoin (BITCI) gives you such a chance. All you need is patience and a couple of conditions to follow:

  • Deposit or buy at least 58 000 BITCI. You can also participate if you already have this amount on balance;
  • Hold BITCI on your balance during the whole round.


  • Each additional 58 000 BITCI on balance adds a chance to win;
  • Keep tokens on the Main or Trading balance. Assets with the status “in order” are not taken into account;
  • During the round, we will randomly take 3 snapshots of the balances.

Duration: from the 15th till the 21st of December

Prize pool: 233 000 BITCI

Winners: 1