How to Deposit or Withdraw Funds From the WhiteBIT Balance?

Published 05 April 2022
How to Deposit or Withdraw Funds From the WhiteBIT Balance?


Whitebit supports:

  • AdvCash (USD, UAH, EUR, KZT);
  • Visa/Mastercard (UAH, USD, EUR, KZT);
  • NixMoney (USD, EUR);
  • Checkout and Checkout Global (USD, EUR);
  • GEO Pay Account (UAH);

To make a deposit, open the “Balances” page and click “Total” or “Main”. In the upper right corner, click “Deposit”.

You will see a window to choose a digital asset or national currency for depositing. Specify the required asset and choose a payment method.

For example, depositing dollars and euros is convenient with AdvCash, NixMoney, and Kindly note that AdvCash and NixMoney are third-party services. To deposit with these services, you will have to sign up on these services. The Visa/Mastercard and Checkout Visa/Mastercard methods allow you to deposit directly from a bank card.

To proceed, enter your name, surname, card number, expiration date, and CVV code and click “Request”.

You can deposit digital assets from an external wallet using Visa/Mastercard or the FIO protocol. It is worth mentioning that the option to buy a digital asset using a bank card is valid for specific cryptocurrencies. To see available depositing options, just specify the ticker of the cryptocurrency you need. You will immediately see the available options right away.

To deposit funds to your balance via blockchain, choose the address type, a network, and copy the generated address. Go to an external wallet and insert it for a successful asset transfer.

To make a deposit using Visa/Mastercard, select this option from the list of available options, specify the currency you want to purchase and its amount, and click “Continue”. You will go to the page of the UTORG payment service, where you can buy the desired cryptocurrency with a bank card in a few steps.

To purchase cryptocurrency via a FIO address, you must first register it with WhiteBIT. Further, you will be able to generate readable addresses and hold several assets at one address.

How to withdraw funds?

Go to the Main balance page, select the needed asset and click Withdraw to submit a withdrawal request.

  • There is a form for cryptocurrencies. Fill it out by entering the address to which the asset will be withdrawn, then indicate the amount. You’ll see the amount, including the fee, in the “‎I receive” field. Thereafter, click on “Withdrawal request”.

  • Click “Withdraw” to withdraw national currencies. Choose a payment method, enter your data or e-wallet address, and click “Withdrawal request.”

After creating a withdrawal request, confirm it in the e-mail.

How long does it take for a transaction to be processed?

All withdrawal requests are processed within ≈ 10 minutes. In exceptional cases, the processing time may be longer, but not longer than 24 hours.

Any transaction must be confirmed on the network. It is the process of adding a transaction to a block. Confirmation time varies depending on how long it takes to create and add a new block to an asset’s blockchain. Learn more about the required number of confirmations on our FAQ page in the “Deposits/Withdrawals” section, subsection “Number of network confirmations.”

The number of confirmations for different assets varies, as does the explorer for tracking. An explorer is a site containing information about the past and future state of the blockchain of a particular cryptocurrency. It reflects all transactions, their statuses, asset value, fees, etc.

Popular ones are Blockchain (Bitcoin), Etherscan (Ethereum), and Tronscan (Tron). Explorers are built into our exchange wallet.

It is possible to go to explorer from our app or the browser. Press the link icon alongside the ticker and select “Explorer.” For the web version, click on the link icon next to its ticker and click “Explorer” in the pop-up window.

Why is a withdrawal delayed?

A delay may occur if the withdrawal amount exceeds the equivalent of $100,000. Bigger amounts require more network confirmations. The transaction processing speed also depends on network congestion.

If you have any problems or questions, contact our support team. We will do our best to help you.


There are fees for withdrawing and depositing national currencies. They differ depending on the payment service and currency:


  • EUR и USD — 3.5% for deposits and 2% + 2 EUR/USD for withdrawals;
  • KZT — 3.5% for deposits and 1.5% for withdrawals;

Visa/Mastercard Checkout.

  • EUR и USD — 1.5% for deposits and withdrawals;

Visa/Mastercard Checkout Global.

  • EUR и USD — 3.5% for deposits and withdrawals;


  • USD, UAH, EUR — 1.5% for deposits and withdrawals;
  • KZT — 1.5% for deposits and 2% for withdrawals;
  • AdvCash E-wallet — 1.5% for deposits and withdrawals.


  • EUR и USD — 1% for deposits and withdrawals;

Find out more about fees on the “Fees” page.

Pay attention to the fees while depositing or withdrawing money. Holding 200+ WhiteBIT Tokens (WBT) guarantees you free withdrawals of ETH and ERC20 tokens.

Where are the transactions displayed after being credited?

The funds are displayed on the Main balance after depositing.

What to do if the money hasn’t been credited?

Contact our support team if the deposit hasn’t been credited or the withdrawal status doesn’t change after 24 hours. You can do that by applying on the website. Click the headphone icon to the left of the website’s language in the top menu. Click the “New Ticket” button in the new window.

Indicate the following data to ensure quick processing of the request:

  • Answer language;
  • Category;
  • Topic;
  • Problem or a question;
  • Transaction hash.

Expect a response to your request within 5 minutes.