🔮 What’s your cryptocurrency prediction? 🔮

Published 28 September 2022
🔮 What’s your cryptocurrency prediction? 🔮


One more asset is here! Elan Token (ELAN) has just joined our crypto collection. Turn on all your superpowers and predict the price mark the asset will reach in 48 hours.

Here is what to do:

✅ hold ELAN on your balance

✅ fill out the form

✅ leave your prediction in a Twitter thread within 24 hours after we add the asset

Duration: from the 28th till the 29th of September, 2 p.m. UTC

Prize pool: 15 ELAN

Winners: 10

📌 It is crucial to leave a comment with your prediction within 24 hours after we add the asset to the exchange.

📌 10 participants, whose forecasts will be closest to the actual price of ELAN, will share the prize pool.

Check how good a crypto oracle you are!

WhiteBIT Team

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