History: Check Out the Updated Design and Functionality

Finding necessary information about your orders has become more convenient! An updated interface and...
Read 5 minutes
03 February 2022

Airdrop: How to Get Crypto for Free

The launch of a new blockchain project is often accompanied by an airdrop. This is a free distributi...
Read 8 minutes
26 January 2022

Can one purchase only a part of BTC?

Novice traders have a misconception that Bitcoin can only be bought as undivided coins....
Read 1 minutes
15 January 2022

WhiteBIT codes are now in the WhiteBIT iOS & Android apps

WhiteBIT Codes allow transferring fiat and crypto to other users fast and free, as well as using the...
Read 10 minutes
28 December 2021

✨ Learn about our advantages ✨

Here at WhiteBIT, we strive to provide our users with all the conditions for convenient profit-makin...
Read 1 minutes
24 November 2021

The updated WhiteBIT Code page: features overview

WhiteBIT Code is a tool that allows transferring assets between exchange wallets instantly and fee-f...
Read 5 minutes
17 November 2021

Depositing and withdrawing state currency

You can use a bank card in order to replenish your Balance or withdraw funds....
Read 1 minutes
15 November 2021

Discover Cardano & Solana

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain and a decentralized application development platform with a m...
Read 3 minutes
14 November 2021

How to accomplish goals?

We’ve gathered five tips to help you reach your most ambitious objectives....
Read 1 minutes
12 November 2021

What are consensus mechanisms, and what’s their intention?

A consensus algorithm underlies any network, enabling its functioning and decentralization. Read mor...
Read 10 minutes
10 November 2021

What is the most important trading indicator?

How to make use of the trading volume indicators? Read in our new material....
Read 5 minutes
07 November 2021

What’s attentiveness and how to improve it?

Attentiveness is the ability to focus on a specific object, activity, or phenomenon....
Read 1 minutes
05 November 2021

How to differentiate kinds of blockchains

Blockchain is a kind of decentralized data register (or a database) developed for performing operati...
Read 10 minutes
03 November 2021

FIO Handle: A Single Identifier for Multiple Coins

Depositing and withdrawing digital assets to and from WhiteBIT from external wallets is a lot easier...
Read 8 minutes
21 October 2021

Houston, we have a problem

Imagine you can’t log in to your account or have difficulties passing KYC....
Read 1 minutes
20 October 2021
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