What Can You Buy with Cryptocurrency?

Published 21 March 2022
What Can You Buy with Cryptocurrency?


Cryptocurrency has become one of the most preferred investment options over the past decade. And it is not just about Bitcoin. There are many other assets where investors put their savings.

As the number of new digital currencies grows, so does their adoption in society. Now, one can make multiple purchases up to real estate using crypto. There were much fewer opportunities less than ten years ago.

But do not rush into spending assets. First, let’s figure out what exactly can be purchased for digital currency.

What Can You Buy With Crypto Currency?

Before making purchases, check if the store accepts crypto. The list of available goods is extensive.

  1. Coffee. You have heard that Starbucks has been accepting BTC since 2019, right?
  2. Education at some universities.
  3. Cars and yachts.
  4. Real estate. Buying property with cryptocurrency is also possible. Nevertheless, crypto is usually immediately converted into fiat in such cases.
  5. Shopping in online stores.
  6. Hotel accommodation, tour package, and estate agent services.
  7. Flowers and movie tickets.
  8. Fast food.
  9. Legal and IT services. For instance, you can buy a domain with cryptocurrency or pay for the use of a cloud service.

This list is sometimes updated, but not for long. If customers are willing to pay with digital assets, sellers are skeptical about this.

What scares many people is that crypto can quickly change in price. Therefore, to buy an apartment for cryptocurrency, you can transfer the purchase amount into dollars to avoid its depreciation. Some deals in France and Japan have been made this way.

In El Salvador, on the contrary, sellers are trying to make money on the changes in cryptocurrency exchange rates. Bitcoin is the official payment method there. But speculation is profitable only if the asset’s price subsequently increases.

In addition to everything mentioned above, there is more to what can be purchased with cryptocurrency. We are speaking about shares. Well-known companies tokenize their shares that allow investors to invest and earn.

What Can You Purchase With Cryptocurrency? Nuances

Despite a rather extensive list of products and goods offered, crypto payments are not always profitable. Moreover, this refers to both the owner and the client. Let’s see why.

For the owner, selling the product is a way to get a fixed amount of money for each unit. Imagine that you can pay with crypto. But it is too volatile. Having received coins, the seller may lose a part of their income the following day because of fluctuations. It is just unprofitable for them.

Cryptocurrency payments are carried out through crypto processing. At the moment, there are two models used.

Crypto-crypto. A person can pay with crypto, and the seller will also receive crypto. For example, by sending Ripple, the seller does not necessarily receive XRP (it can be ETH or any other crypto). Conversion happens at the moment of payment.

Crypto-fiat. A person can buy goods for cryptocurrency, but the seller will receive fiat.

With crypto processing, the exchange rate gets fixed for a short period (15 minutes). It is at this time that the buyer should make the payment. If it does not happen, the rate is updated. However, the number of coins may change next time.

The advantage of crypto processing is that fees are 2-3 times less compared to regular bank transfers. The benefits also include the absence of geographic restrictions and the rapid execution of cross-border payments.

The problem is this system is still used as a marketing feature. Although, it could become a new trading opportunity for companies. Online stores sometimes refuse to implement crypto processing because there is no transparent regulatory system. And from a user’s side, it is faster and more familiar to pay with a bank card.

What Can Be Purchased With Cryptocurrency and How?

The payment process is the same as when using a standard bank card. When placing an order, select a cryptocurrency as a payment option.

You will see a window with a list of available coins. The top 5 digital currencies are as follows:

If the site accepts only BTC, its system will immediately display the required transfer amount. Upon confirmation, the following window will show the ID of the account number. This is where the transfer should be directed. You will have to spend more because you still have to pay a fee.

Often this option is provided as a promotion, which means it will not be available all the time. There is no single list of goods that can be bought with cryptocurrency. At the same time, some world-famous brands include this payment method on an ongoing basis.


Pick a product and proceed to payment. Find the option featuring cryptocurrency and transfer the required number of coins to the specified address. Take the fee into account when making a transaction.

The list is long: shares, real estate, household goods, jewelry, clothes, flowers, education, and more. First, check the availability of paying with crypto at the chosen store.