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📣 A new trading pair for KZT is here 📣

We’re excited to inform you that now KZT is paired against another legendary asset, BTC....
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28 September 2022

User profile changes

Dear users! We are tirelessly working to improve the security of your data and funds by constantly i...
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27 September 2022

Important Changes to the Identity Verification Policy for New WhiteBIT Users

Customers’ safety, along with maintaining the standards of compliance, has always been our priority....
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21 September 2022

We Scale | WBT is Added to Another International Crypto Exchange

There are few things in the world that you can observe eternally. The rapid and astounding developme...
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19 September 2022

⚡️ The Merge: upgrade results ⚡️

It happened! A large-scale Ethereum upgrade has successfully finished, here are the first results....
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15 September 2022

Trabzonspor and WhiteBIT: Historic Partnership

We aim to spread high-quality blockchain technologies in all spheres of life. Hence, we work tireles...
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05 September 2022
WhiteBIT trading feeWhiteBIT trading fee

WhiteBIT trading fee

Standard trading fee We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the trading fee may vary ...
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25 August 2022
Discounts for WBT ownersDiscounts for WBT owners

Discounts for WBT owners

Users of the WhiteBIT exchange have two ways to take advantage of all the benefits of a WBT token ow...
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25 August 2022
WhiteBIT Token Unlock ProcedureWhiteBIT Token Unlock Procedure

WhiteBIT Token Unlock Procedure

Private sale Part of the tokens in the amount of 54 million WBT was sold as part of a private sale a...
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25 August 2022

Convenient Solutions for the Smoothest Start

Depositing crypto has become easier than ever! And all thanks to the innovative solution from WhiteE...
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20 August 2022

⚡️ Dear users! ⚡️

We are happy to inform you that the migration process of Neo Legacy (NEO) to Neo N3 (NEO) has been c...
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18 August 2022

WhiteBIT Token or the birth of the supernova

Let's talk about tokens and the opportunities they offer to their owners. First of all, let’s figure...
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12 August 2022

✨ Ready for new opportunities?✨

We are happy to announce that we’ve added new trading pairs to our exchange....
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11 August 2022

⚡️ Dear users ⚡️

We are happy to inform you that the swap of Medicalveda (MVEDA) has been completed....
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10 August 2022

WhiteBIT Token: All You Need to Know About the Token of Our Exchange

There comes a time in the life of any large company when it is truly ready to fulfill its most ambit...
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08 August 2022
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